Non Surgical Hair System Leeds

Non-surgical Hair Replacement System is the  answer for all kinds of hair loss.

Hair loss can occur to anyone, at any time. While some people look great with no hair, most of us don’t look so hot, and the condition can be the cause of much stress  and a loss of self-confidence. There are several different types of hair loss, and traditionally the process of balding is a male dominated domain.

Normal balding is a genetically inherited condition, and while there are lots of  treatments that will try to convince you otherwise, nothing is going to make that hair grow back again. This type of balding process can start at the sides, the front, the top, or the back of the head and usually keeps extending. Thinning and patchy hair can affect both men and women, as can partial or total hair loss due to the effects of chemotherapy or the medical condition of Alopecia.

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The traditional answer to the hair loss problem

Wigs and toupees have been the traditional answer to the hair loss problem. As you have probably already  discovered, the main problem with these is the difficulty is keeping them in the right place. Also, they almost inevitably never match the colour or features of any existing hair, and hence are always noticeable. Recently  surgical hair transplant techniques have been developed, but these are expensive, can be risky to your health, and ultimately they still just don’t look natural.

non surgical hair system leeds

Don’t despair, the Non-surgical Hair Replacement System is the  answer for all kinds of hair loss, in both men and women. This is an affordable hair replacement system which gives you a head full of natural looking hair.

With this hair system, the expert staff offer a complete service, which starts with a free consultation where you can learn about the entire process. This private consultation allows the hair replacement professional to analyse your particular hair loss situation.  Bring some photos with you so that they can see how your hair used to be and to help to choose your new hairstyle.

Go ahead with this non-surgical treatment

Once you have absorbed all the information, and you have decided to go ahead with this non-surgical treatment, your head, or the exact area of baldness will be measured, so that a mould can be made. If you still have some hair a colour, texture and density match will be performed to ensure an indistinguishable match. If you are completely without hair you are free to choose the head of hair you have always wanted to have, of any colour, straight or curly, long or short.

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In a short time, your custom made hair system will be ready for fitting. The moulded form fits exactly to your head and it can be anchored either with glue or tape. Both methods hold the hair system firmly in place, but if you want to be removing the hair you will probably want to use the tape, whereas if you want to leave it in place, or if you have a very active or aquatic lifestyle, the waterproof glue is a better option. Some clients choose to remove their new hair every night,  but it can be left in place for up to four weeks without a problem.

Once positioned, the hair system and your own hair will be styled simultaneously, to your instructions. In just a couple of hours the whole fitting and styling process will be completed and you can walk out with a magnificent head of natural looking hair.

Your own hair will, of course, continue to grow normally, and every 4-6 weeks you will need to get a cut so that your new hair remains integrated and blends in naturally with your own.

You will leave the salon looking and feeling like a new person. Confident that your hair system is completely undetectable, looks totally natural and will not ever give you nasty slip!  Hough’s Non-surgical Hair Replacement System has changed the lives of many people, so why not let them provide the solution to your hair loss problem also?

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