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If baldness is making you look older than you are, then we have the answer. You might have tried other hair replacement systems in Yorkshire, but at Hough’s in Wolverhampton, we can provide the perfect permanent solution to your problem. Our revolutionary non-surgical hair replacement technique will give you back your locks without breaking the bank. People from around the world have made the trip here to consult with the experts.

Unlike other options for hair replacement in Yorkshire, we don’t offer expensive and risky surgical procedures or tacky toupees. Out technique will return to you a complete head of totally natural looking hair. No-one will be able to detect that it is not all your own. 

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Our secrets

Hair Systems Hair Loss Yorkshire

Our secrets? Firstly, a breathable membrane made to exactly cover the area where you need to replace the hair and formed precisely to the shape of your head. Secondly, the careful matching of shade and hair texture performed by our experts. Third, the professional styling of both the new and your existing hair to create a totally unified impression.

The membrane is glued in place and will not move even during a sweaty workout or a dip in the swimming pool. What’s more, the special state-of-the-art material allows moisture and heat to escape so it will never feel itchy or hot. In fact, it is so comfortable many clients leave the hairpiece in place for weeks at a time.

Our experienced staff

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So, wait no longer and make an appointment today. There is no hair replacement system in Yorkshire that compares to Hough’s, so make the journey today. We are just a brief walk away from the bus and train stations, and we have plenty parking if you prefer to drive down to Wolverhampton where our experienced staff are waiting to assist you.

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