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If you are wondering of a solution to your baldness that exists which is fast, safe and effective, and won’t dent your budget, give Hough’s a try. Our hair replacement systems for Worksop and surrounding areas can be readily accessed from our Wolverhampton salon.

Even if you live further, we urge you to still try to make the journey there, it will be worth your time and effort. And there will be plenty of secure parking for your car when you arrive. With train and bus stations close by, you will find it convenient to get your hair replacement system even if you’ll be commuting from further than Worksop.

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On arrival at our salon

On arrival at our salon, our experts will brief you on how the hair replacement system works from A to Z. If you choose to proceed, measurements of your head and the colour and texture of your hair copied. This will help us create a hairpiece that fits perfectly on your head and blends with your natural hair seamlessly.

Hair Replacement Worksop

Our skilled staff will fit the system

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After about a week you will be able to return to our salon from Worksop for your hair replacement system. Our skilled staff will fit the system onto your head by attaching its membrane onto your scalp using specialised glue. The membrane is designed to be thin and breathable to avoid the build-up of heat and moisture that make conventional wigs so uncomfortable. The glue used will keep the hairpiece in place even when you take a bath or go swimming. No need to take it off or fear it will pop off your scalp like toupees sometimes do.

Once the new hairpiece has been fitted, it will be trimmed and styled along with your hair to make you look like you never went bald. You will look and feel years younger as you leave our salon with a head full of natural-looking hair.

The membrane itself takes the colour of your skin and even when your hair is pulled back, no one will tell you’re wearing a hairpiece.

After getting the hairpiece fitted you will only need to return to have your hair trimmed to ensure your natural hair and the hairpiece look the same.

Begin the journey to younger, more confident you by booking an appointment with us to discuss your hair replacement system in Worksop. Our experts will make a perfect fit for your head without you having to undergo the agony and expense of surgery.

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