Hair Replacement Systems Essex

Painless and affordable hair replacement system in Essex 

If you have been searching for a safe, painless and affordable hair replacement system in Essex with no success, read on. At Hugh’s we offer a revolutionary non-surgical hair-replacement system which provides incredible results. Admittedly it is a bit of a journey up to Wolverhampton to visit our salon, but we are confident that you will agree that your best option for hair replacement in Essex is worth the trip. 

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Painless and reasonably priced solution

Hair Replacement Systems Essex

We offer an effective, painless and reasonably priced solution for both total or partial hair loss in men and women. Our system uses an individually moulded membrane to which the hair is attached. The membrane is breathable so there is no heat or moisture build-up making it very comfortable to wear. What’s more, our special glue means that there is no chance of an embarrassing slip or slide. In fact, you can leave the hairpiece in place while you exercise, swim or bath. Some people choose to leave it attached for weeks, while others choose to use the special tape to reattach it daily.

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Hair replacement systems in Essex

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Our stylist matches your hair colour and density in the confection of the replacement hairpiece. This is then styled in place along with your real hair into your chosen style. This process ensures that the two hairs mix together so that it is impossible to distinguish where one ends and the other begins. You will leave the salon with a head of healthy hair which looks 100% natural even on close inspection.

Don’t waste more time looking for other hair replacement systems in Essex. Make an appointment with the experts today. Then hop in the car, or jump on the bus or train. We are just a short walk from the stations and offer ample parking at our salon in Wolverhampton. So, pick up the phone and prepare to start a new life today.

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