Hair Replacement Systems Cambridge

Finding a hair replacement solution in Cambridge

For many people, finding a hair replacement solution in Cambridge has not been possible. Some have even invested a small fortune and suffered painful surgeries all to no result. So, if you have not been satisfied with the methods of hair replacement in Cambridge, give us a call and learn about our revolutionary method.

At Hough’s in Wolverhampton, we have been solving baldness problems without discomfort, embarrassment or great expense. We offer a non-surgical hair replacement system that will restore your hair to its former glory. Whether you have total baldness, or any form of pattern baldness, we can solve your hair loss problem once and for all.

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Hair Replacement Systems Cambridge

In the initial, no-obligation session you will discover the secrets of our success. We make a customised mould of your head to which the hair is attached. That means that it fits perfectly and covers exactly the area where you need to replace the hair. It is made of a breathable membrane so you will never experience itching or heat build-up. What’s more, it is attached using a special glue that will hold it securely in place for weeks at a time. You can even bath or swim with your hairpiece on.

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Best hair replacement solution in Cambridge

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On your second session, the replacement hair will be cut along with your own in the style of your choice. You will walk out feeling and looking years younger. So, discover that the best hair replacement solution in Cambridge, is, in fact, a short drive away in Wolverhampton. We have ample secure parking beside the salon, or, if you prefer to take a bus or train we are just a short walk distance from the stations in the centre of Wolverhampton.

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