Hair Replacement System Telford

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System

Are you worried about your hair loss?
Do you feel conscious when people keep staring at your receding hair line?
Our hair is one of the most important part of our body. It completes your overall look and appearance, it creates a strong first impression. They don’t call it your crowning glory for nothing. Hair loss is a common problem faced by men and women alike, especially those that are going beyond 50’s. It’s caused by a lot of factors such as heredity, stress, lack of vitamin, hormones, hypothyroidism, chemotherapy, dramatic weight loss, among any others.There are wide variety of treatment for hair loss. Some are trying their hands on home remedies while others are using hair supplements. These methods though are sometimes not effective.

Others try the more bolder approach which is going under the knife. Surgical treatments such as hair transplant graft, flap surgery and scalp reduction surgery are more successful compared to home remedy treatments, however it could pose some complications. Patients are at risk of complications such as surgical risks such as infection or bleeding, death of the skin grafts, tissue death along the wound, nerve damage and loss of sensation.

There is another method of hair loss treatment that is not only effective but also very safe and does not have any side effect – the non-surgical hair replacement system Telford.

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How does hair replacement system Telford work?

You can choose from two different types of hair systems: the stock hair systems and custom hair systems. The first type is mass produced based on the most common hair loss sizes and colour graduations (but we can also colour match later). They are very affordable and often available to be fitted quickly. The custom hair system, on the other hand, is based on your own preference. It is customised according to your pattern of hair loss and specific size is measured – we take a mould and then send this off for your system to be made.

In attaching your hair replacement system, you can use either of these popular methods: glue, clips or tape, the latter used by almost 90% of wearers as it is more secure and helps in achieving a more natural look.

We specialise in custom cut and styled wigs Telford – to suit any budget from stock fashion wigs to complete custom made to measure where we take a mould of your head.What we do is cut and style your wig, they come as stock and we fit correctly and then cut to your requirements. If you have a style that you would like feel free to bring some photos! We provide wigs for all types of hair loss – chemotherapy cancer wigs Telford, alopecia and pattern baldness.

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Why should you choose the non-surgical hair replacement system?

First, it offers an instant result. Unlike surgical approach where it can sometimes take months after the operation, hair replacement system is immediate. You can literally walk out of the hair salon after an hour of your appointment with full and gorgeous head of hair. Everyone is a candidate for hair replacement Telford. You don’t have to wait for hair donor. Anyone, despite of age, gender or religion, can get their own hair replacement.

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You don’t have to worry for any scaring or complications either. It’s totally safe and convenient. It’s also cost-efficient as you can wear your custom hair system for a long period of time.

Lastly, you don’t have to limit your life anymore. You can shower, exercise, swim or do whatever you want without having to face the fear of rejection and ridicule. Because of the success of nonsurgical hair replacement system, more and more hair salon are specializing in this treatment. The best one in the market is Hough’s hair salon. They have clients from Oldbury, Telford, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford and all over the UK.

They have built a solid reputation when it comes to hair care and hairdressing for men and women. They have well-trained employees who are equipped with skills, knowledge and experience so you are confident that you are in good hands. It’s time to stop worrying over hair loss. Take full control of your life and gain your confidence back with the use of non-surgical hair replacement system.

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