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Hough’s non-surgical hair replacement system

Hough’s non-surgical hair replacement system Bradford can solve your hair loss problem quickly, safely, painlessly, and surprisingly cheaply. For over twenty-five years we have been receiving clients for our hair replacement systems from Bradford, and across the country, at our Wolverhampton salon, and sending them out a new person. Now, if you don’t live in the West Midlands, Wolverhampton may sound a long way away, and maybe in your area there are other firms who claim to offer similar non-surgical hair replacement systems, but, be assured, the drive, train, bus or even a plane ride is worth it to be treated by the best.

For a hair replacement solution in Bradford, we’re just a couple of hours drive away, and we have plenty of parking available.

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Hair replacement solution

Whether you have thinning hair, pattern baldness with hair loss either on the top or on the sides, or if you have completely lost all of your hair due to hereditary factors, medical conditions such as alopecia or as a result of radio or chemotherapy, at Hough’s we can take care of the problem.

hair replacement system bradford

If you’re coming by bus or train for a hair replacement solution consultation from Bradford, or anywhere else around the country, we are easy to get to from the main train and bus stations.

On your first visit, our consultant will show you into a private cubicle in our Wolverhampton salon and explain the entire non-surgical hair replacement system process. We are open Mondays through Saturdays, but be sure to call or fill out the online form to make a convenient appointment, as at hair replacement Bradford we have many clients visiting us daily from around the country. If you think the process sounds good for you we will take measurements and match up your hair colour, thickness and density to ensure that your new non-surgical hair replacement system fits and feels perfect.

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Stock hair replacement system

If you choose a stock hair replacement system this can be ready within a week and the next time you visit our salon you will leave in about an hour with a complete head of hair, and looking and feeling at least ten years younger. Once the thin breathable membrane is attached to your head our stylist will cut and shape your own hair along with the replacement hair into whatever style you wish.

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Our friendly experienced staff will ensure that you will leave our salon completely satisfied, with a full head of healthy hair that looks and feel completely natural. Even on close-up inspection, it is impossible to see where your own hair ends and the replacement hair begins and even if you brush your new hair back off your forehead the thin membrane to which it is attached is completely invisible and your hairline looks one-hundred percent natural.

And that’s it! Now you can live a full life, as usual, exercising, showering and even swimming with your hair piece in place, and no-one will ever suspect that your head of healthy shining hair is not entirely yours. Just as usual, you will need to visit the salon about every four to six weeks to have your own hair, which obviously keeps growing, cut back into the style, and that’s all there is to it.

So, don’t’ you think it’s worth the journey to have your non-surgical hair replacement system designed, made and maintained by the experts at Hough’s hair replacement systems Bradford, and change your life?

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