Hair Replacement Stevenage

Non-surgical Hair Replacement Option

Baldness is one of the problems that confront most adult people. If your family members are experiencing this problem, there is a tendency that you will also experience this when you reach adulthood. Aside from that, there are other outside factors that can cause this condition. The thinning of the hair that will then result to partial or total baldness is not really the issue here. The result connected to the emotions and how people will see you are the main concerns. Most people who are experiencing baldness are also start to feel bad about themselves. Some would have a hard time going out and presenting themselves in front of other people because of the problem.

If you are experiencing total or partial baldness, you do not have to worry anymore because the solution is here. Hair replacement in Stevenage is now here to help you. This option is not surgical. We want to help people in the best way we can but we do not want to consider processes that will make the client feel unsure of what he will go through. We can assure you of a process that is free from any discomfort.

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The proces

Hair Replacement Stevenage

First, you need to visit us or give us a call if you are interested about hair replacement in Stevenage. After this, you will be provided with the information about the whole package and how it is going to be done.

The process starts with the making of a customized mould for the head. This is personalized so that the client will get the covering that will be exactly fitted to his head. When the measurement is made sure to be exact and the mould is provided, the hair is now attached to it. This way, the bald area will be covered in full. What will be attached to your scalp is a breathable membrane. It will be attached with a special glue and it will surely not fall off even if you have it number of weeks.

A second session will then be scheduled for you to get the hair style that you want. This way, you can go out with confidence because you are loving what you see in the mirror.

The benefits

Just like what has been stated, this is very safe and aside from that, the attached hair does not really need special treatment.

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There are no restrictions on what activities you will be allowed to do once it is attached. You can bath and you can even swim. Since special glue is used for it to be attached to the scalp, there will be no need for you to worry that it will fall off. So, if you are interested with the service that we are providing, you can call us or you can also visit our salon. We welcome everyone, even those who are coming from other towns. Our commitment is to give you the back your formerly happy and full life by giving back your glorious hair.

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