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If you are willing to take a short trip to Wolverhampton from Peterborough, you will get hair replacement systems that yield lasting results. With more than two decades of experience offering solutions to baldness, we have come up with an effective non-surgical remedy. Your new look will appear 100% natural and won’t result in any discomfort.

Whether you are using public means or will be driving, we have made getting to our Wolverhampton salon very convenient. We are situated within walking distance of bus and train stations and we have plenty of parking. Once here you will be guided on fitting and maintaining your new hair replacement system in Peterborough.

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A more permanent solution

Those who have tried hiding their baldness with a toupee or wig are well aware of their shortcomings. It is difficult to get a hairpiece that exactly matches your natural hair thus they always appear an awkward fit on the head. There is also the risk of embarrassment when the toupee pops off your head at the least expected moment. In hopes of getting a more permanent solution, some have opted for surgery, but this is not guaranteed to give the desired results. Plus surgery can be a very costly and very painful affair with possible unwanted side effects.

Hair Replacement Peterborough

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So how do the hair replacement systems Peterborough residents get work? Our hairpieces are designed using a mould that fits perfectly on the affected area of the head. The mould is made using a breathable membrane which ensures the wearer of the hairpiece maximum comfort. On the membrane will be strands of hair made to match the exact colour and density of your own. After it is attached to the head it is left long before being cut and styled along with your hair. No one will be able to trace where the hairpiece ends.

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