Hair Replacement Newport

Have you tried hair replacement systems in Newport 

Is baldness making you look older than you are? Have you tried hair replacement systems in Newport with no success? Then make the trip up to Wolverhampton to see the experts at Hough’s.

We have been offering hair replacement solutions for over twenty-five years. It is our revolutionary technique and our professional expertise that makes us far superior to anywhere that offers hair replacement in Newport. Our salon is conveniently located within walking distance of the bus and train stations in the centre of Wolverhampton. Or, if you prefer to drive, we have a large parking area where you can leave your car securely. People from around the country, and the world, have made the journey because of our unparalleled reputation and incredible results.

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Hair Replacement Newport

Personalised solution to your baldness problem

Whether you have total or partial pattern baldness you can walk out of our salon with a full head of hair. At Hough’s there is no painful surgery and no sliding wigs. We offer a state-of-the-art personalised solution to your baldness problem. So, don’t despair if you have not found a hair replacement solution in Newport, give us a call and make an appointment for your free initial, no obligation system.

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Our incredible technique

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We are confident that once you have learned about our incredible technique, heard our satisfied customers recommendations you will be ready to take the spent to change your life. At Hough’s we make a perfectly fitting hair piece from an individually made mould. The breathable membrane is attached firmly to the head and will not ever fell hot or itchy. The attached hair is left long so that it is styled along with your own to create a totally undetectable blend between the two.

A short journey is all it takes to find the hair replacement system in Newport that you have been searching for. So, make your booking at Hough’s today.

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