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Guarantees a head of healthy-looking hair

For many people, hair loss can be a stressful and worrying occurrence with no effective solution. Wigs and toupees rarely look natural and surgical techniques like hair seeding are slow, costly and the results are often not as pleasing as hoped for. We offer a non-surgical hair replacement method which guarantees a head of healthy-looking hair in a short period of time and at an affordable price.

Whether the client has pattern baldness, with parts where hair still grows, or if they are completely bald, our technique allows them to regain a complete head of natural looking hair. There is no surgery involved so there is no risk of infections or other health complications. There is no long waiting period to see results and there is no big price tag. This non-surgical hair replacement technique is quick, safe and reasonably priced. 

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Non-surgical hair replacement service

At a preliminary session, the experienced technicians match up the exact colour and note the density of any existing hair. In the case of complete baldness, either due to hereditary factors, alopecia or as a reaction to a medical treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the technicians will assist the client to choose an appropriate colour based on their skin tone, and of course, their desire.

hair replacement j2 m54

Next, a mould is made of the head and the area of baldness. This skin-coloured breathable membrane forms the base for the hair replacement piece. To it, the matching hair is attached at a similar density to the client’s own hair, and the strands are left long for posterior styling.

In the next session, the membrane with long hair attached, is glued onto the head in exactly the correct position. The stylist then styles both the new hair along with any existing hair into the style the client chooses. It is this process of professional styling which really sets apart our non-surgical hair replacement service. As both the natural hair and the new hair are styled together simultaneously the two blend together so that it is totally impossible to see where one ends and the other begins.

Perfectly styled natural looking hair

At the end of the session, the client will leave the salon with a head of perfectly styled natural looking hair which will make him or her look and feel younger, better about themselves, and full of confidence. Regular trims are necessary to bring the natural hair which continues to grow back into the style and correctly integrated with the replacement hair.

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The lightweight membrane is attached to the head either with a specially designed glue or tape. As it is breathable it is comfortable to wear and does not allow heat or moisture to build up underneath which could cause discomfort and itching. Many people find the hairpiece so comfortable that they leave it in place for weeks at a time. The glue used to attach the membrane holds the hairpiece firmly in place even during a lengthy work-out in the gym or during a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. Nobody will be able to detect the hairpiece because it looks and acts just like natural hair.

For over thirty years this non-surgical hair replacement technique has been relieving the anxiety that going bald can produce, and helping men and women of all ages to look and feel their best.

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