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Say Goodbye to Hair Loss Problems with Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

Our hair is known to be our crowning glory.

No matter how glamorous your attire is or how well your make up was done, your entire look will not be complete if your hair is messy or doesn’t look perfect. Our hair can either make or break your entire look.

On the sad note, falling and missing hair is one of the most common hair problems that men and women alike are facing. Hair loss is usually caused by family history, hormonal changes, scalp infections, medication, hair pulling disorder and other skin disorders.

How do you treat hair loss?

While others opt for surgery, there are non-surgical hair replacement options that most people find more effective and safe. A non-surgical hair system is the answer to hair loss – it better than surgery.

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Non-surgical Hair Replacement System

Gone are the days where people would easily recognize if you’re wearing a wig. Heavy wig materials are a thing in the past.

Hair experts have spent time and resources in understanding the natural process of hair growth. With advanced construction materials, the “hairpiece” of the past is now called a “hair system”.

Say goodbye to hair loss problems overnight with the help of hair replacement system. If you want a more natural appearance, knowing what to buy is very critical.

There are two types of hair system available – the stock and custom hair system.

Stock Hair System – This offers a cheaper alternative for hair replacement. On the down-size though, these are produced in mass volume based on the most common hair loss sizes and color graduations. If you have larger or more unique hair loss pattern, this system may not fit you well.

Custom Hair System – As the name implies, this system is customized based on your own specific hair loss size and pattern. You can have a system fitted which blends with existing hair so it offers a natural look – you can not notice a system is in place. With the exact organic graduation and color match to your natural hair, you can strut in a crowded place wearing an undetectable hair system.

One of the most popular salons that offer this kind of treatment is the Hough’s Hair Salon. With over 30 years of experience in all types of hairdressing, they offer excellent service and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Hough’s have clients all over the UK travel to us.

How do you attach the hair replacement system?

Nowadays, hair replacement systems are attached using these three most popular methods: glue, clips or tape. About 90% of hair wearers use tape as it offers a more natural appearance and secured attachment.

With the use of stronger tape or glues, hair system attachment can last up to a month however many people opt to use daily wear bond so that they have the liberty to take it off every night or every other day.

Why would you choose a non-surgical hair replacement system over hair transplant surgery?

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The popularity of non-surgical hair replacement system is rapidly increasing due to its many advantages. It’s versatile since your hair color and density can be custom-fit to give you that natural look. Aside from this, below are the advantages of non-surgical hair replacement system that you need to consider.

It is non-surgical

People who chose hair transplant surgery experience significant pain and discomfort during and after the process. They were also prescribed painkillers to ease the pain, however painkillers have negative side effect such as drowsiness, constipation, confusion, muscle twitching, etc.

Since hair replacement system does not require surgery, the risks are fewer. There are no medical problems reported with this type of treatment. Very few people have reported an allergic reaction to the adhesive.

It guarantees result

Hair transplant surgery does not give you the desired result overnight. In most treatments, it will take at least 6 months or even longer before you see the result in terms of hair density. There are even severe hair loss cases where surgery is not possible. Hair replacement system gives you a full head of hair overnight. You can visibly see the difference when using this type of treatment.

It has no limit

Hair transplant surgery offers limited options based on the availability in donor areas. Hair replacement system, on the other hand, offers no limit when it comes to hair replacement. Anyone can get the treatment and they can choose any hair style, color, length, density or texture that you want.

You don’t have to feel insecure or conscious of your hair loss problem anymore. Try the non-surgical hair replacement system now and feel more confident and happier with your appearance.

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