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Baldness affects both men and women, and can be due to a hereditary condition, such as pattern baldness, a medical condition, such as alopecia, or as the result of a medical treatment such as radio or chemotherapy. Whatever the cause, hair loss makes most people look and feel older and less attractive which can lead to a decrease in self-esteem and a lack of confidence.

Wigs, toupees and hairpieces have been the most common solutions available for people with hair loss, but these invariably lack a real or natural appearance. They also frequently do not stay in place and can be uncomfortable and hot to wear. Recently developed techniques such as hair sewing and grafting have helped some people, but these treatments are expensive and successful results are not always achieved. Also, the process can be slow and painful, and as with any type of surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection or some other type of complication.

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Non-surgical hair replacement

Non-surgical hair replacement Willenhall is not new, the procedure has been around for over 25-years, with many satisfied customers. This option offers a fast and guaranteed result at an accessible price. The end result is a head of natural looking, healthy hair which moves, feels and looks completely authentic. The new hair blends perfectly with any remaining hair and both can be cut and styled to the client’s taste. It is impossible to notice where the natural hair ends and the replacement hair begins or to make out an abnormal looking border.

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The overwhelming success of this non-surgical hair replacement willenhall technique is due to the precise measurements which are taken of the area of baldness and of the head, in an initial consultation. At this time also, the consultants match up any remaining hair with a replacement hair of identical colour and thickness, and notes the hair density. If the hair loss is total, they can make a colour match from old photos or they will assist in choosing an appropriate shade of hair colour and suggest suitable styles.

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Professional hair stylist cuts and shapes

From these measurements, a skin-like breathable membrane is custom-made to exactly fit the client’s head and area of baldness. To this, the chosen hair is attached, but unlike some techniques, with this hair replacement method the hair is left long. At the fitting, the membrane is attached to the head using a special glue or tape, and then a professional hair stylist cuts and shapes both any remaining hair along with the new hair, into the chosen style. The union between the two types of hair is completely undetectable as the expert stylist blends and shapes them together. Clients leave the salon one or two hours later with a fantastic natural-looking full head of hair, and looking at least ten years younger.

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Maintenance of the hair piece is easy and many clients choose to keep it in place for up to a month at a time while others remove it at shorter intervals. Those with an active lifestyle, or who go swimming, or wish to leave the membrane in place for longer periods, normally choose to use the waterproof glue to attach the hairpiece. Those who choose to remove their hairpiece more frequently may find that the special tape suits them better. Either method is guaranteed to keep the replacement hair firmly in place and feeling comfortable.

Willenhall hair replacement is safe, fast and easy with this non-surgical technique, and with just a monthly visit to the stylist to trim the natural hair back into the style, clients can permanently regain and maintain their former good looks and confidence.

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