Hair Loss Replacement Systems Stone

High standards of professionalism as well as our innovative system

If baldness is steadily robbing you of your youthful lustre, there is hope. We offer tried and tested hair replacement systems at our Stone centre for people struggling with hair loss. Whether you are faced with partial or complete hair loss, our treatment regime will restore your full head of hair without subjecting you to the pain of surgery or embarrassment of wigs.

With more than two decades of experience in the field, we guarantee you stunning results in no time. As a show of confidence in our products, we offer customers free initial hair replacement systems at our Stone premises. Our strict adherence to high standards of professionalism as well as our innovative system have won us clients from far and wide, even other parts of the world.

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You will get a hairpiece that is an exact fit for you as it is made from a personalised mould so that it blends seamlessly with your hair. Unlike a conventional wig, our replacement system will attach firmly to your head. The membrane that attaches the hairpiece to your scalp is made to allow air to circulate beneath it so that you don’t suffer the itchiness of ordinary wigs and weaves.

Hair Loss Replacement Systems Stone

Furthermore, you are guaranteed to find a solution to baldness that is tailored to your unique hair type and pattern. The beauty is that you get to try it for free before you make a commitment.

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We have also made it easy for you to pay us a visit. You won’t have to worry about parking as there is ample secure parking at our center. If you will be using public means, you will also find the train and bus stops conveniently close.

So come and visit our salon at Stone today and discover how our individualised hair replacement systems can work wonders for you.

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