Hair loss replacement North Wales

Short trip over to Wolverhampton

For effective hair replacement systems in North Wales, your best option is to make the short trip over to Wolverhampton. We have been helping people from around the UK to find a real solution to their baldness problem for more than twenty-five years. Our unique non-surgical procedure will give you back a luxurious head of hair which looks and feels completely natural.

Other options for hair replacement in North Wales, may involve surgery. This may be painful and expensive, it can have complications or often produces unsatisfactory results. For many years the only other kind of hair replacement in North Wales would have been a wig or toupee. The problems that these can entail and their obviousness are well known. Now, however, at just a short bus, train or car journey away you can find the ultimate solution.. 

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Stylist cuts and shapes

Hair loss replacement North Wales

Our hairpieces are attached to a breathable membrane moulded to the exact shape of your head and created to fit perfectly the area where hair is missing. To the membrane hair that matches your existing colour and density is attached and left long. When the membrane is attached in place, the stylist cuts and shapes both your own and the replacement hair into the style you desire. In this way, there is no tell-tale join line as the hairs combine to create an undetectable and perfect union.

Best hair replacement system

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On the short walk back to the station you will feel like a new person. You will have simply and economically turned back the clock and regained your former good looks and confidence. So, make that rejuvenating call today. We will explain the process with no obligation, but we are confident that you are going to agree, that the best hair replacement system in North Wales is actually at Hough’s in Wolverhampton. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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