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People visit us from all over the country to enjoy the security of our 25-years of experience.

If you are searching for hair replacement in Birmingham, then it is certainly worth the short trip to Wolverhampton to get the best service and hair replacement option with the Hough’s non-surgical hair replacement system.  It’s just a short drive to Wolverhampton, and we are easy to find and offer plenty of secure parking space. Or, if you decide to come by bus or train our salon is located just a short walking distance from the station. People visit us from all over the country to enjoy the security of our 25-years of experience, so don’t trust this important and potentially life-changing moment to anyone else. The best hair loss treatment Birmingham is just a short journey away.

No other hair replacement system offers such a fast, painless, undetectable and economical way to solve your baldness problem. Whatever type of baldness may be ruining your life, taking away your confidence and making you look older than you are, we, at Hough’s can solve it. Our non-surgical technique is the best hair replacement solution in Birmingham as it is completely safe and painless, and with guaranteed results.  With our technique, you can be sure of great results every time, unlike some surgical treatments which are often not only uncomfortable, slow and expensive, but often the end result does not look anywhere near as good as anticipated.

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If you decide that this is the best place for hair replacement in Birmingham, and we are sure that you will, they will proceed to make the measurements to start the production of your new hairpiece.

Your new hair will be attached to a thin breathable membrane which is moulded to fit your head exactly over the bald part.  If you still have some hair, our experienced stylists will carefully match the colour and density of your present hair, so that when the hairpiece is in position and styled it will be completely undetectable, and your new hair will blend in perfectly with the old.

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Our experienced staff are waiting to explain our technique

Our hairpieces are also suitable for people who are totally bald, and unlike most wigs, our special technique ensures that they never slip even if you have an active lifestyle.

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In fact, you can even swim and shower with your hairpiece in place, and many people find them so comfortable that they leave them attached for several weeks at a time.

On your second visit to the salon your new hairpiece will be attached in place, and then out stylists will cut your new hair along with your own hair into your chosen style. This ensures that the two hairs blend and merge together perfectly and you will leave the salon with a complete head of healthy looking hair.

You can be sure that you will enjoy that short ride back to Birmingham, even more, when you are looking great, feeling ten years younger, and brimming with self-confidence.

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