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We provide the best treatment for your baldness!

Looking for the baldness cure for your hair? its your lucky day because you have just found it! – Here at Hough’s™ we provide the ‘answer’ and the ‘treatment’ so that you can have a full head of natural hair. There is no magic potion or tablet that is going to cure your baldness but there is a non surgical baldness treatment that gives you natural, undetectable hair that looks and feels great.

There are many different types and patterns of male baldness – some of which you can see from the photos below. Our hair systems are suitable for any type of baldness.

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We have over 25 years experience.
We provide a full head of hair.

“I had loss of hair for number of years in the crown area of my head. The hair system means I no longer have any baldness, results are fantastic – thank you”
Abdul – Manchester

“I have been a customer of Hough’s for 15+ years the service and attention to detail is second to none. I see David as a friend. Thanks”
Mr Thompson – Walsall

Just Watch our video below! – This explains it all and we are sure you will be impressed!

“The latest technology in non-surgical hair replacement – undetectable hair line & full head of hair”

We have years of experience and throughout this time have seen a whole range of different people, many of which had been looking for a baldness cure long before they visit us. What every one of our clients have in common is that they are looking for treatment for hair loss and this is where we can help.

How does it work? – the whole process is very simple from your first visit to having your system and full head of hair fitted! – the usually process is that two visits are required. The first, your free consultation, is where we can show you a system, explain in details and answer any questions and concerns that you may have. It’s all relaxed and there are no ‘salespeople’. If you are keen to go ahead then we can take measurements and calculate the density of your hair. If you are going for a complete made to measure system then we can also take a mould of your balding area. You can see this process by watching our video.

We then order your system to match your measurements, hair density and colour. If you have opted for a stock system then this will be ready for fitting within 7 days, if you have gone for complete bespoke made to measure the time scale is approx 6-8 weeks. The next stage is fitting cut and style – the best part and where you get a full head of hair and no more baldness! – this usually takes approx 1-2 hours and is where we blend and integrate the system. What we offer really is a “baldness cure” – no surgery, no risk and no more money spent of shampoo!

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